All heaven declares

Today’s song from Sing Praise is ‘All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord’ by Noel and Tricia Richards. It’s a simple devotional song in two verses that hails Jesus as the sacrificial lamb of God, as well as the glorious risen King (the reason why I chose this for Christ the King week).

The second half of the two verses looks identical at first but there’s a subtle difference: in the first, ‘Forever he will be … I worship him alone’, and in the second, ‘Forever you will be … I worship you alone’.  In worship we sometimes start by affirming our faith together and then move on to more devotional songs where it is the individual praising the Lord for what he has done.

1 thought on “All heaven declares”

  1. This is a song that naturally straddles the divide between those who like traditional church music and those who like it a bit more modern: it is simple enough to be easily mastered by those who like fixed rhythmical progressions, and appealing enough to touch a chord with everyone. And so it naturally has a place in our church services at St Luke’s Eccleshill.

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