The Bible in a Year – 12 January

If this is your first viewing, please see my Introduction before reading this.


12 January. Genesis chapters 35 to 36

Do you have a special place when it comes to your journey of faith? For me it will always be Scargill House, where I spent three happy years living with other Christians and offering hospitality to our guests, and met my wife. The chapel there is a focus of prayer and worship, and God gave me a vision there which encouraged me greatly in living for him. Bethel (“house of God”) was a special place for Jacob. He had first encountered God there when he had the dream of angels on a ladder to heaven; now after being reconciled with his brother, they go their separate ways again (for the land was not large enough for two big nomadic tribes) and Jacob returns to Bethel where God appears again to confirm his promises.  After this, apart from the death of Jacob’s favourite wife and father, the saga will turn to the next generation and the story of Joseph.